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"Quality:Our Responsibility"——GigaDevice is deeply rooted in a quality culture, encouraging all employees to follow the AEC-Q004 Zero Defects Framework to ensure product quality and reliability. We closely monitor the entire life cycle of any GigaDevice product from initial design to end-customer use to guarantee product reliability. We base applicable reliability tests on the JEDEC, AEC-Q100, and other industry standards.

•      High-temperature Operating Life (HTOL)

•      Early Life Failure Rate (ELFR)

•      Endurance Life

•      Data Retention

•      Preconditioning (PC)

•      Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST)

•      Temperature Cycling (TC)

•      Power and Temperature Cycling (PTC)

•      High-temperature Storage (HTS)

•      Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Latch-up (LU)

•      Solderability Test (SD)

•      Board-level Reliability (BLR)

Reliability Management Flow.JPG

(Reliability Management Flow)

Failure Analysis

The Failure Analysis (FA) team at GigaDevice performs root cause analysis of any defect detected in all stages, including development, manufacturing, shipping, and end-use applications. We integrate the analysis results in appropriate processes to improve a product's quality and reliability.

Failure Analysis Flow.JPG

(Failure Analysis Flow)