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Lithium Battery Management

Lithium battery management chips are used extensively in consumer applications such as notebooks, autonomous vacuum cleaners, and drones. These chips maintain the proper operation and capacity of lithium batteries, ensure safety, and extend service life. The GigaDevice lithium battery management chip and solution can effectively manage the battery charge-discharge cycle while monitoring and protecting the entire charging and use process.

Our charging management chip provides a full suite of protection functions that meet real-world requirements, including precise monitoring and control of battery voltage and latency testing. Meanwhile, operating at a low current reduces power consumption and extends battery service life. The lithium management chip controls the charging of serially connected multi-cell lithium batteries. It has many advantages, such as high density, low quiescent current, wide voltage input range, charging current, and efficiency of up to 90%. The chip integrates with various protection functions such as cycle-by-cycle current limit, undervoltage protection, power button lock, and thermal shutdown.


Latest Products

Part No. Status Description Vin_min(V) Vin_max(V) Iout (A) Vout_min (V) Vout_max (V) Iq (µA) Operating Temperature Range Package
GD30SP2200WF MP OVP 2.5 28 3 2.5 28 100 -40℃ ~ +85℃ DFN8