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Solution Overview

PC Solution Based on GD SPI NOR Flash

In PC BIOS applications, Flash is the key device for storing boot code. Fast boot, communication mechanism with the Platform Controller Hub(PCH), and security are more and more important. GigaDevice has an extensive Flash product portfolio with different density and voltages. We have established collaborative relationship and completed full flash validation with major PC manufacturers, both domestic and abroad.

Solution Advantages

The most comprehensive NOR Flash products in the industry.

Data security through encryption: RPMC/RPMC+MAC function ensures the security and reliability of Flash storage content.

Extensive collaboration with main chip platforms and customer base. Superior cooperative relationship with end clients, ODMs, and major chip companies globally. Comprehensive global service provided.

Track record of consistent shipments in the past 10+ years.

Related Products

Package Flash:

GD25Q/LQ series: 2Mbit~256Mbit;

GD25B/LB/GD55B/LB series: 16Mbit~2Gbit;GD25R/55R/25LR series: 64Mb~512Mb