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Fingerprint Lock MoC

Solution Overview

Fingerprint Lock MoC Solution

The GigaDevice provides the Fingerprint MoC (Match on Chip) solution all designed to be easy integration into customer systems. An MCU is based on the 32-bitgeneral-purpose ARM® Cortex® M4 processor.The sensors come in multiple sizes and shapes to enable different design IDs and placements. The solution includes self-developed algorithms, which has a proven track record as safe and fast solutions for various mass production applications.

Solution Advantages

Superior imaging quality with high SNR, 508dpi and 256 true greyscale

FRR 2%, FAR 1/50K

Operation temperature: -40 degrees to +85 degrees

Fingerprints: 50   

Low power consumption

High-level security

ESD: air ±15kv, contact ±8kv

Easy to integrate

One-stop purchase and technical support service

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