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Portable Oximeter

Solution Overview

Finger Clip Oximeter Solution Based on GD32 MCU

Using GD32E230C8T6 as the main MCU, it is the first general-purpose microcontroller product based on the new Arm® Cortex®-M23 core in China, replacing and upgrading traditional 8-bit and16-bit MCUs and replacing Cortex-M0/M0+ products to bring a more cost-effective solution. This series of MCUs not only has great value for high-speed processing power, but also provides rich interface resources to enhance connectivity.

The whole oximeter is powered by 2 AAA batteries, the internal ADC can monitor the battery power in real time, powering on and setting parameters can be done with the click of one button, the   buzzer beeps for power on and alarm alert. The transmitter is driven by PWM, the receiver is sampled by ADC, and the OLED is connected to the main control via SPI interface for displaying various parameters and waveform information.

Solution Advantages

Display: using two-color OLED, support four-way switching display

Alarm: sound and light alarm, adjustable upper and lower limits

Battery: 2 AAA batteries

Automatic shutdown: no operation for 8 seconds, shutdown automatically

Small size, light weight, easy to carry

Product Specifications:

Blood oxygen saturation measurement range: 70%-99%

Oximetry measurement accuracy: 80%-99%, range ±2%, ≤70%, accuracy undefined

Blood oxygen saturation resolution: blood oxygen saturation ± 1%Pulse rate measurement range: 30-240BPM

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