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CMRT Declaration

Consistent with our values, GigaDevice strives to fulfill its corporate social responsibility within our supply chains. GigaDevice observes the Conflict Minerals (CM) regulations concerning armed conflicts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or an adjoining country. CM covers the minerals mined illegally in violation of human rights in the DRC and adjoining areas with armed conflicts, including tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold (collectively known as 3TG), and their derivatives.

GigaDevice resolutely opposes any procurement of illicitly mined minerals in violation of international laws and human rights. We constantly monitor and support our supply-chain partners to ensure that all materials in our products originate from legally mined minerals. GigaDevice requires its suppliers to perform due diligence checks on the sources of metals and to carry out annual declarations using CMRT and EMRT. We regularly audit suppliers to ensure compliance with this policy.