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2022 GigaDevice Environmental, Social and Governance Reports

As an industry leader, GigaDevice has always practiced social corporate responsibility and integrated the concept of sustainable development into all aspects of the company's operations.

Staying true to the original aspiration, GigaDevice has been vitalizing the industry since its establishment, and becomes active practitioners in product innovation, low-carbon environmental protection, employee development and social responsibility.



GigaDevice is constantly optimizing and improving its ESG management system, improving its ESG governance structure, and enhancing corporate governance and risk resistance capabilities. We adhere to business integrity and compliance management, ensure honest practice, earnestly safeguard the interests of investors, and steadily enhance the value of the Company.



GigaDevice is dedicated to innovation, research, and development. We focus on enhancing core competitiveness and strengthening the entire ecosystem with flash memory, microcontrollers, and sensors serving as the core driving force. We offer a wide range of application solutions for industry, automotive, communications, the Internet of things (IoT), mobile devices, consumer electronics, and PCs and their peripherals.



The key to a company's long-term and steady growth is its talent. In keeping with its culture and values of "people-oriented, pragmatism, and innovation" GigaDevice is dedicated to providing each employee with a diverse, equal, harmonious, and inclusive workplace. To achieve this, we place a high value on and uphold employees’ legal rights, continuously enhance our talent development and incentive systems, and at the same time show concern for their health and wellbeing. We collaborate closely and develop alongside our employees.



GigaDevice has always been dedicated to corporate responsibility and green development. The Company incorporates green development concepts into its strategies and operations, implements energy conservation and environmental actions, and constantly explores environmentally sound practices of energy conservation, resource consumption reduction, and waste disposal. We aim to minimize the impact of our business activities on the environment and promote harmony between humanity and nature while advancing modernization.



GigaDevice is dedicated to developing a robust ecosystem in collaboration with stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, and the public. We have continuously improved customer services and strengthened supply chain management in recent years. At the same time, we have actively fulfilled our responsibilities as corporate citizens to the public through various programs and initiatives, such as public science education , industry-university collaboration, collaborative innovation, and support for epidemic control and prevention, thereby helping foster talents for the industry and deliver our corporate social value.