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Quality and Reliability

Quality is a cornerstone of GigaDevice. Building a quality management system and continually improving it is crucial to assuring product quality, improving operational efficiencies, enhancing customer satisfaction, and increasing market share. GigaDevice is committed to providing quality products for customers worldwide. Our employees are encouraged to innovate and listen to customers' voices to continually improve the quality of our products, processes, and services. Since 2008, GigaDevice has been ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certified. In terms of automotive quality management, GigaDevice follows IATF 16949 to meet the strict requirements. GigaDevice is also a Dun & Bradstreet (D-U-N-S) registered company.

Quality Policies & Procedures

Adhering to the quality principle of “Promote a Risk Management Culture”and “Adherent to Promises with Customer-oriented Mindset”, we have established quality policies & procedures, including "Product Shelf Life", and provided an entrance for customers to report potential product security vulnerabilities.


In defining and developing its environmental objectives and plans, GigaDevice is devoted to obeying the environmental policies, regulations, and laws in China and worldwide. GigaDevice has established an environmental management system based on the requirements in ISO14001:2015 and relevant laws and regulations. Over the years, GigaDevice has worked proactively and closely with suppliers to ensure that our products comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations.



"Quality:Our Responsibility"——GigaDevice has a deeply rooted culture of quality, encouraging all employees to follow the AEC-Q004 Zero Defects Framework to ensure product quality and reliability. From initial design to end-customer use, we closely monitor the entire life cycle of any GigaDevice product to guarantee its reliability and base all applicable reliability on the JEDEC, AEC-Q100, and other industry standards.


Quality Management

Hundreds of millions of GigaDevice products are used in all walks of life every year, making people's work smarter and life more colorful. Excellent and reliable product quality is the cornerstone of GigaDevice. We consistently provide customers with products of the highest quality for commercial, industrial, and automotive applications. The quality management process at GigaDevice is stringent. We are committed to offering reliable products throughout the supply chain by listening to the voice of the process, the customer, and the business.


Automotive Quality Management

GigaDevice implements a "Zero Defects" program for automotive quality management designed to promote a culture of quality within the company and satisfy the quality requirements of our customers in the automotive supply chain. With these goals in mind, every related department employs advanced quality management tools to carry out continual improvement plans to enhance product quality and prepare GigaDevice to establish long-term strategic partnerships with more customers in the automotive industry.