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Motor Driver

The GigaDevice motor driver series strives to provide customers with a safe, reliable, intelligent, and high-efficiency motor driver solution. The series integrates a motor driver, DC switching regulator, LDO linear regulator, PWM control, and power driver modules with over-temperature, over-voltage, and over-current protection.

GigaDevice motor drivers offer a wide range of features to meet the specific requirements of our customers. The motor driver series includes motor controller products with external and integrated power tubes and support for 3-phase BLDC brushless and PMSM motors. The PWM control mode supports 3 or 6 groups, programmable gate drive currents, wide-range voltage input, up to 200KHz PWM control inputs, external or internal motor driver control algorithms, optional buck circuits, and comprehensive protection mechanisms.

The GigaDevice GD32E230C-FOC motor driver open platform provides our customers with a complete motor controller solution. The robust motor driver platform solution covers everything from algorithmic control (supporting Hall, Encoder, Luenburger, and SMO algorithms) to packaging.


Latest Products

Part No. Status FET Integrated PWM Gate Driver Current(A) Motor Driving Current(A) Vin_min(V) Vin_max(V) Operating Temperature Range Package
GD30DR8306KU MP No integrated FET 6xPWM 1@source
- 4.5 30 -40℃~+105℃ QFN32
GD30DR8413EU MP Integrated FET 3xPWM - 3 4.5 30 -40℃~+125℃ QFN24
GD30DR3000X MP Integrated FET PWM - 3.2 6 40 -40℃~+ 85℃ SOP8
GD30DR3800WETR-K MP PWM 1.8 0 11 -40℃~+ 85℃ DFN8
GD30DR3801WETR-K MP PWM 1 0 10 -40℃~+ 85℃ DFN8
GD30DR3820LPTR-K MP PWM 1 2.5 10.8 -40℃~+ 85℃ etssop16/QFN16
GD30DR3001WGTR-K MP PWM 4.5 4.5 40 -40℃~+ 85℃ SOP8