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In 2023, GigaDevice established and achieved internal environmental goals for energy, resources and waste disposal, and based on which we further developed plans and measures after taking into account the Company's current situation, so as to effectively dispose of wastes, improve the recycling utilization of resources and reduce the negative impact of our business operations on the environment.


Environmental Goals by GigaDevice in 2023

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    Waste Management

    100% disposal controlled and centralized recycling of solid wastes

    Harmless disposal of solid wastes

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    Save Resources

    Saving power consumption by 10% for the same time frame last year

    Lowering the consumption of other energy sources per CNY 10,000 of output value for the same time frame last year

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    Green Design

    Compliance of purchased and integrated products with RoHS 2.0 requirements

Resource Utilization

Giving a top priority to ecological and environmental protection and sustainable development of resources all long, GigaDevice has applied the concept of going green and environmental protection into its daily operations by optimizing the energy efficiency of office buildings, boosting the publicity of energy conservation and implementing a paperless office. All of these have contributed to a reduced office energy consumption and an enhanced sustainable performance in business operations.

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      Improving Energy Utilization

      Analyzing the feasibility of PV power generation to initiate the PV power generation project in self-owned office parks. 

      Improving the energy-saving reconstruction scheme, and confirming the comprehensive energy-saving scheme for air conditioning system.

      Applying building automation system and intelligent electricity control system to improve the operational energy efficiency of office buildings.

      Implementing timeout lockscreen and sleep mode at night for office computers.

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      Applying E-office Systems

      Using e-office systems such as OA, ERP and SAP.

      Deeply cooperating with platform-based internet enterprises to reduce the printed reimbursement documents and vouchers for reduced consumption of office supplies.

      Advocating a paperless office environment to reduce paper consumption.

      Installing telephone and video conference systems to support teleconferences.

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      Raising the Awareness of Environmental Protection

      Carrying out the publicity of energy saving and water conservation, and putting up signs about saving energy and water, so as to raise employees’ awareness of in this aspect.

      Carrying out the publicity of waste sorting, and encouraging employees to reduce the use of disposable goods and tableware.

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      Reducing Waste

      Setting up facilities for waste sorting to promoting waste recycling and reducing waste discharge.

Response to Climate Change

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    Products with Low Power Consumption

    Giving a top priority to the innovative R&D, design and development of products with features of environmental protection and energy saving, GigaDevice aims to provide products with low energy consumption for customers, so as to extend the life cycle of products and reduce the impact of the use of terminal products on the environment. At the beginning of developing products with low power consumption, the Company integrates the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection into the product design. Meanwhile, as for specific application scenarios, the Company reduces energy consumption by removing unnecessary circuit energy consumption after taking the service life of products into account.

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    Use of Raw Materials

    As a fabless designer of integrated circuits, GigaDevice always keeps alert in the potential risks of resources, and pays high attention to the utilization of raw materials for products. Upholding the corporate value of sustainable development, the Company conveys environmental protection laws and regulations and customer requirements to the supply chain on a regular basis, with a view to pushing the green upgrading of the supply chain. In the design of environmentally friendly products, the Company earnestly carries out national and global guidelines, policies and regulations on environmental protection, and develops its own environmental protection plans and targets.

    Use of Raw Materials

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    Green Supply Chain

    We actively promote a green supply chain, increasing the usage of environmentally friendly products and verifying the green compliance of our products, which guarantees that the raw materials, consumables and assembly processes used in our products comply with green requirements. GigaDevice complies with the EU 2015/863 Directive, that is, the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS 2.0), which ensures that our final delivery products meet the requirements of green environmental protection regulations such as RoHS and REACH.

    Green Supply Chain