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Privacy and Protection Policy

Welcome to GigaDevice website. We (GigaDevice Semiconductor Inc. and its affiliates, hereinafter referred to as “GigaDevice” or “We”) provide this Privacy Policy so that you could understand how we use and manage the information collected on GigaDevice website. This Privacy Policy applies to all GigaDevice websites or mobile applications (hereinafter referred to as “Websites”) that contain, attach, refer or link to this Privacy Policy. Although GigaDevice Websites may contain links to third-party websites, GigaDevice has no control over such third-party websites and their contents and is not responsible for the accuracy of such third-party websites. Any personal information you provide on third-party websites is independently collected and processed by such third parties and separate from the processing activities of GigaDevice on your personal information. Such third parties are not bound by this Statement.

By continuing to visit GigaDevice Websites, you agree that your browsing of GigaDevice Websites and any privacy disputes are bound by this Statement and its applicable terms and conditions, including limitation of liability, dispute resolution, and the application of the laws of the People’s Republic of China.

Types and purposes of your information We collect

You can visit this website without providing any personal information. However, if you wish to use certain services of this website, search GigaDevice’s product information, or get help with certain products, based on your consent, we may collect and use your personal information, such as your name, country, city, contact number, email address, company name and title (none of which are sensitive personal information, hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”). The collected Personal Information would be used for providing certain services you want, responding to your inquiries, and sending you the materials you have requested. The information collected would also be used for helping us maintain and/or upgrade the quality of our Websites and the services we provide on such Websites.

Processing and storage time of your information We collect 

We will transfer your Personal Information to the relevant teams within GigaDevice to respond to your inquiries, send you the materials you have requested or make further communication with you based on the services you wish to receive. The storage time of your information depends on the specific circumstances of the business cooperation with you. Unless we obtain your authorization or are required by legal requirements to extend the storage period, we will delete or anonymize your Personal Information in a timely manner. 

How We protect, share, transfer and disclose your Personal Information

We use a variety of security technologies and software to store and protect your Personal Information and to prohibit unauthorized access, usage, copying and leakage. We will share your Personal Information within GigaDevice in order to provide you with timely services. We will not share, transfer, or disclose your Personal Information with/to any companies, organizations and individuals other than GigaDevice, except for the followings:

  • Disclose any information within the scope of your authorization to any third party you designate;

  • Disclose your Personal Information to the relevant law enforcement authorities as required by applicable legal regulations or in response to legal procedures;

  • Any circumstances for fulfilling legal obligations or responsibilities. 

On cross-border transfer of Personal Information

GigaDevice is a global company, and in general, we will process your Personal Information within the country/region where you use our products or services, but we may transfer your Personal Information to countries/regions other than those where the information is collected, and such countries/regions may have different laws on protecting personal information. However, Personal Information collected via this website is subject to this Privacy Policy, regardless of the country/region in which it is processed. We will take all reasonable and necessary measures to ensure the security of your Personal Information, and promptly inform you of the destination, recipients and other information in accordance with the laws, and take measures to implement the requirements of applicable laws and regulations (including but not limited to entering into standard contract terms on the protection of Personal Information with the recipients of such Personal Information, or imposing requirements for the protection of Personal Information not lower than that of this Privacy Policy on the recipients of Personal Information, etc.). 

Rights you enjoy

You enjoy several legal rights on your Personal Information that GigaDevice processes, which may be different in different countries/regions but mainly include the followings:

  • Right to be informed, you have the right to know how your Personal Information is processed;

  • Right to decide, you have the right to restrict or reject the processing of your Personal Information by others. Please kindly note that under certain circumstances where the laws have explicit regulations, even if you request to restrict or reject the processing of your Personal Information by us, we still have the obligation to continue processing your Personal Information and therefore decline your request;

  • Right to correct, you have the right to correct any incomplete or inaccurate information about you that we store;

  • Right to review and copy, you have the right to review and copy your Personal Information;

  • Right to delete, you have the right to request to delete your Personal Information. Please kindly note that under certain circumstances where the laws require us to retain, even if you request us to delete your Personal Information, we still have the obligation to retain the relevant information;

  • Right to revoke your consent, you have the right to revoke your consent of authorizing us to process your Personal Information at any time, but such revocation will not affect the legal effect of the processing of your Personal Information that have already been made based on your consent. Please kindly note that after you revoke your consent, we may still process your Personal Information based on other legal bases.

Use of Cookies and similar technologies

When you visit the website, we will collect certain information automatically. By collecting this information, we could better understand your needs and preferences, what products and services we can develop to meet these needs and preferences, and the operation of the website. Part of the information we collect automatically is necessary for the normal operation of the website, such as cookie as explained below.

Information from your computer——GigaDevice may collect information about your computer on our own or through our third-party service providers, such as browser, operating system, IP address, country and other geographical location data, visiting date and time, whether you use a mobile device, preferred websites, query terms in search engine you use to access to the website, web pages you visit and your activity on this website such as the images, videos, or other embedded media you view, the time you spend on web pages, and the number of web pages you visit. Some of the information may be collected by using cookie, which is further explained as below. This information is used for a variety of purposes to improve the website and its content, including but not limited to collecting general demographic data, identifying kinds of trends and statistics, using our server to help diagnose problems and managing this website and its content. For the normal operation of this website and identity verification, we may also collect and share information among the web pages of this website. We may also use this information for providing information and advertisement about the relevant products and services to you.

Cookie——This website may use “cookie” to provide information on your computer. Cookie is pieces of data that the website may send to your browser and may be stored on your computer or device. GigaDevice may use session and persistent cookie on our own or through our third-party service providers, as explained below. Cookie helps us identify which sections of this website are popular by tracking clicks on the respective sections, which may further enable us or our third-party service providers to provide you with targeted information or advertisements of the relevant products and services. By modifying your browser preferences, you can choose to accept cookie, receive notifications when a cookie is sent, or reject cookie. The browser’s refusal or restriction of cookie may restrict you to use this website.


GigaDevice is not responsible for any damages to visitors caused by the following reasons:

  • Any leakage of personal information resulting from the visitor’s voluntary disclosure to a third party;

  • Any leakage of personal information required by the laws, regulations, and administrative or judicial orders; 

  • Any leakage, loss, theft or tampering of personal material caused by temporary shutdown resulting from computer problems, hacker attacks, computer virus intrusion or governmental control, or other force majeure affecting the normal operation of the website;

  • Other disclaimers under the Privacy Policy and other relevant terms and conditions.

Policy Change

We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time, and timely post it on the GigaDevice website. The latest version of the Privacy Policy will bind our processing and use of your Personal Information. Please check this Privacy Policy frequently for learning about the revisions. By continuing to visit or use this website after the revisions come into effect, you agree to be bound by the revised Privacy Policy and acknowledge that the revised Policy Statement applies to all information held by GigaDevice. We kindly ask you to review this Privacy Policy periodically to understand how we protect the Personal Information we collect. 

How to contact us

You have fully understood and accepted that this Privacy Policy has fully explained how we collect, store, use, protect and share your Personal Information. If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions about this Privacy Policy, or if you have any requests and inquiries about your Personal Information, you may contact us via: privacy@gigadevice.com. We will respond to any of your requests and inquiries within 30 days.