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Automotive / Industrial

In the automotive field, electronic components need to meet the requirements of the more stringent AEC-Q100 standard. With GD25/55 SPI NOR Flash and GD5F SPI NAND Flash being AEC-Q100 qualified, GigaDevice accomplished a comprehensive layout of automotive-grade products from SPI NOR Flash to SPI NAND Flash. The industry-proven product families deliver high-performance and high-reliability flash solutions for factory-installed markets and specific applications requiring automotive-grade products.

In the industrial field, we understand well the demanding requirements of industrial applications, where high-performance, high reliability, and high durability are crucial. Our products are specially designed for harsh environments, where potential problems can exist, such as thermal shock, vibration, and unstable voltage. Our flash memory has been proven suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, especially solar and power meter applications. With our broad product portfolios, we provide full coverage of all density ranges and long-term support.GigaDevice offers a comprehensive NOR Flash solution covering 2Mb through 2Gb densities AND can easily be drop-in replacement for current AG Parts sockets.

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    AEC-Q100 Certification

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    ISO 26262 Certification

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    Product Longevity Support (PLP)

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    High Reliability

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    Harsh Environment