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Optical Fingerprint Sensor

Under display optical fingerprint recognition supporting both rigid and flexible OLED panels.

Customized pixel design for low-light under OLED fingerprint applications.

Advanced single-chip architecture.

Custom 3P lens design and custom pixel configuration for extracting high-resolution fingerprint images.

FRR ≤ 1.5% @ FAR ≤ 1/50,000Payment support.


3 Results


Part No. Type Finger Touch Size Sensing Size Pixel Array
GSL7000A CCM 6.0x6.0mm 2.0x2.0mm 320x320
GSL7001A CCM 6.0x6.0mm 2.0x2.0mm 250x250
GSL7002A CCM 7.0x7.0mm 1.5x1.5mm 200x200