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Employee Development

Outstanding talents are the source and driving force for a company's sustainable innovation. Advocating the transformation into a learning organization, we have established a full life cycle training course system for talents; besides, we have improved employees' competence, qualification and capability in an all-around and multi-dimensional manner through on-line and off-line training, thus laying a solid talent foundation for the Company's high-quality development.

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    New Employee Training

    New employee orientation

    Mentorship program

    Chuxin program

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    Post Qualification Training

    Technical rotating training

    Guidance for operation process

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    Professional Quality Training

    Little monster series

    Structured thinking

    Business report/project management

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    Management Skill Training

    Ranxin Program/Huixin Program

    Leadership program


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    Professional Skill Training

    Business training camp

    External public class

    Internal training classroom

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    Quality Training

    ISO training/internal auditor training

    Quality skills and concepts

    Environmental safety training

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    Internal Lecturer Training

    TTT training

    Culture officer training

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    Cultural Consensus

    Corporate culture collation

    Corporate culture propagation and implementation

Quality Control

GigaDevice attaches great importance to quality control and is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products and services.

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    Quality: Our Responsibility

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    Product Quality Throughout

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    Promote a Risk Management Culture

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    Lessons Learned & Continual Improvement

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    Customer Focus


Occupational Health and Safety

GigaDevice attaches importance to employees' health and safety, and strengthens occupational health and safety management system, with a view to providing employees with a healthy and safe working environment and facilities.

The Company carries out occupational health and safety management training, first aid training and fire safety training on a regular basis, and continues to raise employees' awareness of health and safety.

  • 435

    435 employees have been trained for first aid.

  • 800+

    The on-line training courses available on the training platform received more than 800 views.

  • 14

    Training related to occupational health and safety has been carried out for 14 times

  • 1636

    With 1,636 participations and a total duration of 28h.


As of December 31, 2022:

Public Welfare

Public Welfare

GigaDevice has been actively fulfilling its social responsibilities by focusing on and supporting public welfare undertakings, thereby contributing to the well-being of the people. By popularizing IC knowledge among young people and all sectors of the society, the Company is committed to cultivating cross-board versatile talents for the IC industry, and actively contributing to the industry development in China.