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Touch Controler

GigaDevice touch control chips come in self and mutual capacitive categories. They are ideal for typical human-machine interaction applications such as mobile phones, tablets, and smart homes.

GigaDevice is the largest one-glass solution (OGS) supplier with touch control chips that support high-resistance ITO materials, single-layer multi-touch, and super-narrow borders. The touch control chips offer 26 to 72 wide channel options and support screen sizes from 1 to 20 inches.The touch control chips feature TP proximity sensing to turn off the screen and gestures to launch applications while the screen is off. GigaDevice ships nearly 100 million touch control units annually, accounting for approximately 80% of the general tablet market.


11 Results


Part No. Voltage(V) Channels Communication Touch Points Screen Size(Inch) Package Chip Size(mm)
GSL1680 2.6V~3.3V 16TX/10RX I2C 5~10 point 7 QFN40 5x5x0.8mm
GSL1686 2.6V~3.3V 16TX/10RX I2C 5~10 point 7 QFN40 5x5x0.8mm
GSL1691 2.6V~3.3V 18TX/12RX I2C 5~10 point 3~7 QFN40 5x5x0.8mm
GSL2681 2.6V~3.3V 23TX/12RX I2C 5~10 point 3~8 QFN48 6x6x0.8mm
GSL3670 2.6V~3.3V 26TX/14RX I2C 5~10 point 7~10.1 QFN52 6x6x0.8mm
GSL3676 2.6V~3.3V 28TX/18RX I2C 5~10 point 9~10.1 QFN56 7x7x0.8mm
GSL3680 2.6V~3.3V 31TX/20RX I2C 5~10 point 9~10.1 QFN68 8x8x0.8mm
GSL3692 2.6V~3.3V 32TX/24RX I2C 5~10 point 9.7~13.5 QFN68 8x8x0.8mm
GSL5680 2.6V~3.3V 42TX/30RX I2C 5~10 point 9.7~15.6 QFN88 10x10x0.8mm
GSL915 2.6V~3.3V 26TX/14RX I2C 5~10 point 7~10.1 QFN52 6x6x0.8mm
GSL2338 2.6V~3.3V 40RX I2C 2 point 5.5 QFN48 5x5x0.5mm


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