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Climate Change Policy

GigaDevice Semiconductor Inc.

Climate Change Policy

Our Attitude

Climate change is the most challenging issue in the world today. As an important semiconductor chip designer in China, GigaDevice Semiconductor Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Company” or “We”) has always been an advocator and practitioner of green development, addressing climate change with positive attitudes and solid actions. We play an active role in carbon neutrality target that we promote and join hands with our partners to achieve.

One of GigaDevice’s measure to address climate change and global warming is to achieve carbon neutrality of our operations and products. In response to national targets of carbon peak and carbon neutrality by 2030 and 2060, we keep promoting the use of renewable energy in our operations and in manufacturing process, continuously influence the entire value chain by our participation, and promote low-carbon and sustainable transformation of our supply chains.

Our Commitment

  • We will set targets to reduce enterprise GHG emissions and energy consumption, and conduct regular reviews.

  • We will proactively explore and increase the use of renewable energy within the Company. In addition, we will develop energy efficiency improvement projects and implement them in various relevant departments, so as to mitigate the climate impact of our operations.

  • We will put great efforts on our innovation to develop the low-energy consumption products. By extending the products lifecycle and reducing the environmental impact of end products, our customer and end-user will have green product.

  • We will identify the potential risks and their impacts to prevent the damage from climate changes or extreme weathers in our operations. We will develop emergency response plans to address physical and transitional risks caused by climate changes and extreme weathers.

  • We will implement a low-carbon economic model, and develop following requirements and action plans: carbon emission management in energy management, R&D and logistics. We regularly monitor and audit the performance of key suppliers.

  • We will be committed to working collaboratively with our customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and other stakeholders, and sharing our actions and achievements, in order to jointly build a low-carbon value chain.

  • We will regularly disclose our progress in addressing climate change, so as to ensure the transparency and openness of our information disclosure related to climate change.

Our Governance

The Strategy Committee of the Board is responsible for monitoring climate-related risks and regularly reviewing progress on relevant performance to ensure that management measures are effectively implemented and monitored.

Supplementary Provision

The Company will review this policy irregularly and update it as necessary. The Policy will be publicly released to stakeholders for the first time in July 2023.