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Reporting and Informant Protection System

Reporting and Informant Protection System

1. Purpose

The company advocates that all employees should comply with laws and regulations、the internal management system and professional ethics. And the company attaches importance to rights and interests of employees, establishes internal supervision and feedback mechanisms, and provides channels for appeal and reporting of misconduct. This System is hereby formulated to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the informant and protect the informant to provide safe and valid relevant information and effectively cooperate with the investigation of reported matters when providing clues for reporting.

2. Scope of Application

This System applies to all the employees of GigaDevice Semiconductor Inc. and all of its wholly-owned subsidiaries, branches, and other offices (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). The scope of application of this System will be subject to the actual situation of the Company.

3. Reported Matters

GigaDevice has formulated and strictly implemented the Employee Handbook, specifying that following misconducts (hereinafter referred to as "Reported Matters") are classified as violations of discipline, but that GigaDevice's employees may appeal or report them.

The Reported Matters include, but are not limited to, any of circumstances as follows:

1) Personal interests are unduly infringed on;

2) Conducts of endangering the health or personal safety of others;

3) Conducts of violating various provisions of the Company;

4) Conducts of violating national laws or regulations;

5) Regarding the behavior or matters suspected of commercial bribery or corruption, please refer to the Company's Anti-commercial Bribery Compliance Policy and the requirements for anti-bribery compliance management in each area and the relevant specific guidelines;

6) Other misconducts stipulated in administrative provisions.

4. Requirements for Informant Protection

The procedures related to the acceptance, evidence collection, investigation and handling of reports shall be kept strictly confidential to prevent the disclosure of any information of the informant:

1) The informant may report in real name or anonymously, upon received anonymous feedback without actual evidence, the relevant departments will  register the ledger and the current feedback will not be accepted, and shall not be asked for their real information unless it is necessary during acceptance of anonymous reports;

2) It is prohibited to disclose information related to the informant and the Reported Matters to the reported or its stakeholders in any way;

3) The Company shall appoint a specially-assigned person to accept reports, who shall not disclose the informant's identity to others (including superiors) and irrelevant personnel without the informant's consent;

4) The person in charge of acceptance shall keep a minimum of persons informed and involved, and only the designated person in charge of acceptance can contact the informant for relevant investigation;

5) If the informant or the reported considers that there is a conflict of interest between the designated person in charge of acceptance or its stakeholders and the Reported Matters, they may apply to the Company for withdrawal; once verified by the Company through investigation, the person in charge of acceptance may be replaced, but shall also strictly fulfill the obligations of confidentiality;

6) The acceptance, evidence collection, and investigation shall strictly follow the principle of confidentiality and be carried out in a private, confidential way; it is prohibited to disclose relevant information of the informant;

7) Reporting materials, letters, and verification documents shall be filed as confidential documents, and shall be prohibited from being accessed by persons other than the one in charge of acceptance;

8) Where there is a conflict of interest between the person in charge of acceptance or its stakeholders and the Reported Matters during acceptance, a complete withdrawal mechanism shall be implemented, and the Company has the right to replace the person in charge of acceptance; where the person in charge of acceptance or its stakeholders find that there is a conflict of interest between them and the Reported Matters, they shall also volunteer to apply for withdrawal;

9) Any word or deed that discloses the informant's information will be handled as violations of the Company's Confidentiality System, Non-disclosure Agreement, and the corporate values of integrity and honesty. In case of serious circumstances, the Company reserves the right to sever labor relations;

10) The informant shall pay attention to the reporting method and strengthen self-protection awareness.

5. Rights of the Informant

1) The informant's information is entitled to be protected;

2) Where the informant is affected or suffers property losses due to retaliation, the Company shall provide resources and legal assistance as appropriate to help the informant safeguard its legitimate rights in accordance with the law;

3) The Company shall encourage the informant regarding verified Reported Matters, and shall reward the informant if the Reported Matters help the Company recover various losses;

4) The informant shall be informed of the outcome of handling the Reported Matters; and

5) The informant shall enjoy equal and discriminated rights in terms of promotion, training, remuneration, and merit pay.

6. Obligations of the Informant

1) The Reported Matters shall be objective and authentic;

2) The informant shall be responsible for the authenticity of the Reported Matters, but shall neither distort the facts, nor shall it falsely charge or frame up others;

3) The informant shall keep the outcome of handling the Reported Matters and other relevant information confidential; and

4) Other obligations under national laws and regulations.

7. Reporting Channel

The informant can report any misconduct by sending email to the Company's reported e-mail (gd-info@gigadevice.com) and any suspicious matters involving commercial bribery should be reported through the Company's e-mail for accepting suspected cases of anti-commercial bribery. (woodpecker@gigadevice.com)

This System shall be implemented since the date of issuance.

The Company will revise this System from time to time.