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Quality Management

Hundreds of millions of GigaDevice products are used worldwide, making people's work smarter and life more colorful. Excellent and reliable product quality is the cornerstone of GigaDevice. We consistently provide customers with stable-quality products for commercial, industrial, and automotive applications. The quality management process at GigaDevice is stringent. We are committed to offering reliable products in all aspects of the supply chain by listening to the voice of the process, the customer, and the business.


Voice of Process

Supplier management is critical to our business since suppliers, positioned at the forefront of supply chains, are the foundation of GigaDevice’s products and services. GigaDevice has dedicated Supplier Quality Engineering (SQE) teams that streamline communications between GigaDevice and its suppliers for all quality issues. The SQE teams primarily focus on maintaining the process stability of manufacturing suppliers to assist them in continually improving their capabilities for quality assurance. In addition, the SQE teams rigorously scrutinize our suppliers' quality management, conducting regular audits and evaluations, monitoring the quality of the supplied products, and assessing the performance of suppliers to motivate them to enhance their product quality.

Voice of Customer

GigaDevice works closely with customers by listening attentively to their requirements. Our Customer Quality Engineering (CQE) teams, a window for direct communications with customers, constantly receive feedback regarding any quality issues with our customers' production lines or service processes. Our internal teams use this invaluable customer feedback to improve the quality of our products and services. The CQE teams study customer requirements and learn their demands by following up in real time on the quality status of the GigaDevice products and services. From the perspective of customers, the CQE teams help reduce potential risks and enhance customer satisfaction by investigating quality issues and solving associated problems.

Voice of Business

The professional Quality System Management (QSM) team at GigaDevice is responsible for establishing a sound quality management system at the beginning of developing and introducing new products. Its role is much like the central commission for discipline inspection of GigaDevice, which supervises and enforces our quality standards for operations while facilitating the corporation's improvement to meet its quality objectives. Regular reviews of the system are performed internally and approved by top management to constantly improve and maintain the company’s quality management system and provide guidelines for company-wide quality operations and requirements.