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Charging Pile

Solution Overview

Charging Pile Solution Based on GD32 MCU

Control systems for charging piles are being updated at a rapid rate. Product system and structure design is becoming increasingly sophisticated, which takes the form of: Improve the external appearance and structure of charging pile casing, optimization of internal system layout, upgrade the touch screens, improve the EMC performance, as well as further optimization and upgrading of electrical system design.GigaDevice has MCU products compatible with charging piles' mainboard control module, HMI display, and AD/DC inverter control.

Solution Advantages and Recommendations

1. Mainboard Control Module

Features: DSP command set + high performance FPU; MPU for enhanced application security; industrial-grade operating temperature range; extensive CAN/Ethernet/SDIO/LCD driver ports; extensive IO ports

Recommended Products: GD32F303 series, GD32F307 series, GD32F470 series

2. AC/DC Inverter

Recommended Products: GD32F470 series