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Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Solution Overview

GD32-LVGL-WSVGA-LCD Demo Suites is a demo that MCU drives high-resolution LCD to conduct GUI design and development. LCD display, touch control, QR code, picture decoding, file browsing and other functions can be demonstrated. It can facilitate the user to design and develop UI on the PC in cooperation with the simulator (CodeBlocks for Windows), as well as the basic logic Functional verification, which can help customers faster and better use of GD32 MCU for HMI related development applications.

GigaDevice provides WSVGL LCD display, and I2C is used to communicate with the touch IC. At the software level, it provides support for LVGL GUI middleware. LVGL is a lightweight general-purpose graphics diagram with rich and powerful modular graphics components, as well as an advanced graphics engine, including animation, anti-aliasing, transparency, smooth scrolling, layer blending, and more. It supports multiple input devices, including touch screens, keyboards, encoders, buttons, etc., and supports multi reality devices.

Main Features

RGB LCD driver support

IPA image acceleration function

Capacitive screen touch

LVGL middleware support

PC simulator support, including various conversion tools (Image, Font)

The demo suite supports WSVGA LCD display support, touch function support, file system support, LVGL function testing, including image decoding, QR code, widgets, etc. Porting uses IPA for image acceleration. Users can also continue to test other functions according to application requirements. At the same time, it can also provide LVGL V8.3.3 CodeBlocks project, as well as conversion tools for images, Font, etc. that need to be used in the development process, facilitating page development and simple logical verification for users.

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System Diagram


Structural Diagram