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Smart Display Interactive Module

Solution Overview

High-performance Smart TV + Display Interactive Module Solution Based on GD SPI NOR
In the era of the rise of smart homes, smart TV has become the core of family interaction, and the concept of smart interactive screen has gradually covered the field of traditional smart TV. GigaDevice provides customers with high-quality product choices, including 3v Q/B series products with standard voltage and 1.8v LQ/LB series with low voltage. Moreover, F/LF series products can provide customers with fast start-up experience with DTR function.

Solution Advantages

Superior performance and reliability

Stable supply and quality control

Comprehensive product portfolio with high market share

Related Products

GD25Q/LQ32E, GD25Q/LQ64E, GD25Q/LQ128E, GD25Q256E and GD25LQ255E families are recommended.

GD25F64F, GD25LF64E, GD25F128F, GD25LF128E, GD25F256F and GD25LF255E families are recommended if DTR functionality is required.

Smart TV Architecture