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TWS Earbuds

Solution Overview

TWS Earbud Solution Based on GD SPI NOR Flash

In recent years, the TWS market has grown rapidly and is developing toward the trend of intelligence, such as: smart touch, in-ear detection, voice recognition, spatial audio, intelligent noise cancellation, LE-Audio, hearing aid, local music, etc. The development of intelligent TWS earbuds has led to new changes in Flash requirements: higher quality and stability; continued increase in capacity; continued reduction in power consumption and size.

Solution Advantages

Capable of providing comprehensive global services.

Features the most comprehensive NOR Flash families in the industry.

GD25LE/GD25WX/GD25UF families are launched for low-power applications. Targeting the wearables market, the GD25LE family is designed with greatly reduced power consumption at standby and hibernation modes, compared to the general-purpose GD25LQ family. The GD25WX is a wide-voltage product family, with the voltage ranging: 1.65V~3.6V. This family is well-suited for battery-powered devices. Its greater voltage adaptivity enables more complete battery discharge for extended battery life. The GD25UF family supports 1.2V. With the lower operating voltage, it further reduces Flash power consumption and extends the battery lifetime.

A variety of small form factor packages are available including: WSON8 (8mm x 6mm, 6mm x 5mm), USON8 (4mm x 4mm, 4mm x 3mm, 3mm x 2mm, 1.5mm x 1.5mm) and WLCSP package. Up to 512Mbit are available in WSON8 (6mm x 5mm) package. The USON8 package is available in multiple form factors with the smallest 1.2 mm x 1.2 mm. Customers can select different USON8 package form factors based on their capacity requirements. WLCSP package is launched to further reduce the form factor with a dimension identical to that of the Flash die. As TWS earbuds become more intelligent and feature-rich, the need to pack even more chips into a single earplug makes the chip size all the more critical. 

Related Products

Package Flash:

GD25LQ family: 2Mbit~256Mbit; GD25LE family: 2Mbit~256Mbit;

KGD Flash:

GD25WD family: 512Kbit ~ 8Mbit; GD25LD family: 512Kbit~8Mbit;

GD25WQ family: 2Mbit ~ 128Mbit; GD25LQ family: 2Mbit~256Mbit;

Earbud PMIC:


Charging case PMIC:



TWS Solution Block Diagram