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Smart Door Lock

Solution Overview

Smart Door Lock Solution Based on GD32 MCU

Fingerprint recognition, touch pads, and card swiping are now standard functions for smart door locks. Smart door locks have evolved from single lock function to "3-in-1" products that further integrated peephole and doorbell, which are now more demanding on chip function, performance, and peripheral interfaces. The requirements on MCUs are evolving towards two main directions, one is the higher integration of functions and the other is lower power in deep sleep mode.GigaDevice launches a "3-in-1" GD32W515 for smart lock main boards and the ultra-low power GD32L233 that features overall smart door lock control and functions from the front panel to the back panel. GigaDevice also releases the GD32FFPR for fingerprint modules that can be used with fingerprint sensors enabling fingerprint recognition.

Solution Advantages and Recommendations

1. For all-in-one chip

Features: Integrated fingerprint recognition algorithms, touch pad and Wi-Fi functionality; core supports TrustZone security mechanism. Enhance development efficiency and reduced overall cost of solution for customers.

Recommended Products: GD32W515

2. For ultra-low power chip

Features: PMU supports 10 energy-saving modes to reduce power consumption; fast wakeup and instant on; up to 59 GPIOs, 93% or more IO utilization

Recommended Products: GD32L233

3. For fingerprint module controller chips

Features: Up to 3M Flash memory, support more than 200 fingerprints. Stable mass production with high reliabilityRecommended Products: GD32FFPR

GD Smart Door Lock solution 1


GD Smart Door Lock solution 2