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GigaDevice Announces a Patent Licensing Agreement with Rambus


Beijing, China – (May 12, 2020) – GigaDevice today announced that it signed an RRAM (Resistive Random Access Memory) patent licensing agreement with the leading semiconductor IP provider, Rambus Inc. Additionally, GigaDevice has also signed a licensing agreement with Reliance Memory, a joint venture between Rambus, GigaDevice and several strategic investment partners. Under these agreements, GigaDevice obtained licenses for more than 180 RRAM technology-related patents and applications from Rambus and Reliance Memory. These licenses enable GigaDevice to develop advanced RRAM-related products and provide more variety of new memory solutions for embedded applications.

RRAM is a type of non-volatile random access memory, which stores information by modulating the resistance of the dielectric between two metal electrodes with voltage change. RRAM possesses unique physical and device characteristics that enable manufacturing of memory array structures in the back-end of line (BEOL). The low-voltage characteristics of these memory arrays effectively reduce the power consumption of embedded non-volatile memory solutions in MCU products, making it very suitable for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. In addition, according to literature published by academia and industry, RRAM may hold the potential to become a storage class memory (SCM) technology with performance, reliability and cost positioned between DRAM and Flash.

GigaDevice is an international company based in China and serves worldwide customers. GigaDevice has been paying close attention to technology innovation in the field of memory, actively carrying out strategic initiatives, and developing differentiated market segments. In May of 2018, GigaDevice participated in a strategic investment in an RRAM joint venture, Reliance Memory, along with Rambus and other globally recognized semiconductor investment institutes. These initiatives demonstrate GigaDevice’s determination to become one of the technology leaders in the semiconductor industry in China and beyond.

Mr. Yiming Zhu, chairman of GigaDevice, expressed: “GigaDevice has always viewed innovation as a key ingredient to its corporate-growth mission. Over the years, it has adopted new technologies that strengthen the competitiveness of its products, while respecting the importance of patent portfolios. With this agreement, we are able to offer our customers even more innovative solutions in the future.”

Rambus senior vice president of Technology Partnerships and Corporate Development, Kit Rodgers said: “GigaDevice has achieved remarkable results in the global flash memory field. We are pleased to sign this license to our foundational RRAM patent portfolio with them as they strive to develop innovative solutions and accelerate their commercial success.”

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