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Smart and connected, open and collaborative.

Smart and connected, open and collaborative. Over the years, GigaDevice has built a three-dimensional ecosystem around MCUs, including official tools, partner tools, embedded software, cloud connectivity, training, etc. Through joint efforts with global partners, GD32 has introduced a variety of integrated development environments (IDEs), evaluation boards (EVBs), graphical user interfaces (GUIs), security components, embedded AI, operating systems and cloud connectivity solutions. No matter which GD32 MCU product you choose, there is an corresponding ecosystem to serve it. All of this is made possible by our strong technical team and partners around the world. The GD32 MCU technology website offers multiple series of tutorial videos and short clips on-demand for online learning, as well as product manuals and hardware and software materials available for download. GigaDevice  is dedicated to continuously building and enriching the MCU development ecosystem.

Partner Tools

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