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Lithium Battery Charge/Discharge Management

Solution Overview

Lithium Battery Charge/Discharge Management System (BMS) Based on GD32 MCU

The Battery Management System (BMS) is designed to provide smart management and maintenance of battery units to prevent the battery from being over-charged or over-discharged, extend the battery life and monitor its status. Continuous advances in computing, communication, big data and cloud computing technologies have led to the optimization of BMS software algorithms and improvements in the power battery performance of new energy vehicles. Continuous improvements to the data monitoring accuracy, reliability, status estimation and safety management of BMS have resulted in the evolution towards highly integrated, high-precision estimation and smart BMS.GigaDevice’s battery management chip has led to the realization of more power management. For example, GigaDevice's GD32E230F-4S Charger board power management development platform is based on the GD32E230 with Cortex®-M23 core as Main Control Unit.It communicates with the power management chip PMU (GD30BC2501) through I2C port to provide charge management for 4-cell lithium batteries. The DEMO board also comes with an AFE chip to balance the charging current and monitor the real-time voltage of each battery. This prevents over-charged the battery using the highest voltage when four batteries with different voltages are charged together.

Product Advantages and Recommendations

1.  Portable Energy Storage BMS

Features: Low power consumption; support multiple serial communication protocols; high-speed and high-precision ADC; industrial-grade operating temperature and ESD characteristics.

Recommended Products: GD32L233, GD32E230, GD32E113

Recommended Development Board: GD32E230F-4S Charger board

2.  Industrial Energy Storage BMS

Features: DSP command set + high performance FPU; support multiple communication methods. support BMS parameter evaluation, current measurement, protection control, and failure alert functions.

Recommended Products: GD32F303 series, GD32F305 series

3.  Energy Storage Inverter

Features: DSP command set + high performance FPU; super-high-precision timer; exceptional mixed-signal integration; ESD with high noise resistance.Recommended Products: GD32E505 series

GD32E230F-4S Charger Board Power Management Development Platform
(GD32E230 MCU+GD30BC2501 PMU)


GD32 MCU Application Block Diagram