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Motor Drive

Solution Overview

Motor Drive Solution Based on GD32 MCU

As the electrical energy conversion unit connecting the battery and the motor, motor controller is the core of the motor driver and control system. The continuously growing market demand has led to higher requirements for motor drive technology and controller performance. Firstly, the digitization of motor systems is an inevitable trend. Leveraging high-performance, high-speed processors, motor drive control systems can implement complex and variable control algorithms that enhance motor efficiency. Secondly, the lightweight and integration of motor system is also a trend. In terms of the controller, the integration of power devices, drives, controls, sensors, and power supplies not only reduces the size, but also helps to improve the motor system efficiency and reduce power loss.GigaDevice has launched a variety of motor drive platforms for this market. For example, GD32E230C-FOC adopts the chip GD32E230C8T6 featuring Cortex®-M23 core as the main MCU and the GD30DR8306 as the driver chip to enable the implementation of the motor driver solution.

Solution Advantages and Recommendations

1. For High Performance

Features: High dynamic performance FOC; satisfies different real-time communication requirements; controls 2 BLDC/PWSM units at once; support a variety of sensorless control algorithms.

Recommended Products: GD32F407 and GD32E50X families

Recommended Development Boards: GD32F407R_FOC development board, GD32E503R_FOC development board

2. For Mainstream

Features: FOC vector control; single resistor current sampling; motor control with PFC; sensorless control algorithm

Recommended Products: GD32F303, GD32E103, GD32VF103

Recommended Development Boards: GD32F303R_FOC development board, GD32F303R_BLDC development board

Example of GD32F303R_FOC development board


3. For Cost-sensitive

Features: FOC vector control; square wave control; single-resistor or tri-resistor sampling

Recommended Products: GD32E230, GD32F330, GD32F130Recommended Development Boards: GD32E230C_FOC development board, GD32E230_BLDC control board