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Home Oxygen Concentrator

Solution Overview

Home Oxygen Concentrator Solution Based on GD32 MCU

Most of the home oxygen generators on the market are molecular sieve oxygen generators, which are characterized by low cost, ease of use, flexibility of movement, safety of carrying, etc. The working principle of molecular sieve oxygen generator is variable pressure adsorption (PSA) technology and desorption technology. During operation, the nitrogen in the air is adsorbed and the remaining oxygen in the air is collected and purified to a high concentration of oxygen, which is then supplied to the patient using an oxygen suction tube. The whole process is cyclic and dynamic and the molecular sieve is not consumed.

Solution Advantages

MCU mainly provide control and display functions in the oxygen concentrator:

GD32F303 series of mainstream MCU provides main frequency up to 120MHz, large-capacity storage, multiple advanced timers and high-precision ADC, LCD interface and rich communication interface, which can meet the requirements of control, data acquisition and communication, display functions of mainstream oxygen concentrators.

For oxygen concentrator products with higher performance requirements, the GD32F4 series of high-performance MCU is recommended, with an operating frequency of up to 240MHz and integrated TFT LCD controller and hardware graphics accelerator IPA, which can provide more powerful processing efficiency and meet the high-resolution HMI display function.

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