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GigaDevice Launches New Low-power MCU products of GD32L235 series


Beijing, China (Thursday, May 14, 2024) - GigaDevice (stock code 603986), a leading semiconductor company specializing in Flash Memory, 32-bit Microcontrollers (MCUs), Sensors, and Power Management technologies, has officially launched the GD32L235 series MCU, further enriching the selection of low-power products and reinforcing its presence in this market segment. The brand-new GD32L235 product series is designed to meet the needs of the low-power market segment. With enhanced power consumption efficiency, rich interface resources, and superior cost performance, it is ideal for applications including industrial metering, smart door locks, portable devices, IoT, e-cigarettes, and BMS. Offering a total of 16 model options across seven packages, including LQFP64/48/32, QFN64/48/32, and WLCSP25, the GD32L235 series MCUs have commenced official mass production and distribution.


The GD32L235 series MCUs have optimized and improved power consumption efficiency and support six low-power modes, including Deep-sleep, Sleep, Standby, etc. In Deep-sleep mode, the current drops to 1.8uA, and the wakeup time is less than 2uS; in Standby mode, the current is as low as 0.26uA. Even under full-speed operating mode with maximum clock frequency, power consumption is only at 66uA/MHz, achieving an excellent balance between performance and power consumption.

The GD32L235 series MCUs use the Arm® Cortex®-M23 core with a clock frequency of 64MHz. In addition, they are equipped with 64KB to 128KB embedded flash memory and 12KB to 24KB SRAM. These MCUs are divided into two models based on storage capacity to cater to the varied requirements of users across different application scenarios. This series integrates two 16-bit low-power timers, six general-purpose 16-bit timers, one advanced timer, two basic timers, two low-power LPUARTs, two USARTs, two UARTs, three I2Cs, two SPIs, and other general peripheral interfaces, as well as standard communication interfaces such as one CAN2.0 controller and one USB2.0 FS controller. In terms of analog peripherals, this series is equipped with one 12-bit ADC supporting both differential and single-ended input modes, improving the accuracy and performance of the ADC module. Additionally, it integrates one 12-bit DAC and two comparators. The GD32L235 series offers the option of WLCSP25 ultra-small package, making it suitable for wearable consumer electronics, portable devices, and other application scenarios with limited hardware space.

The supporting documents, manuals, and software resources of the GD32L235 series are available in GD32MCU.com for users to download and utilize. Development tools tailored for various packages and pin configurations of the GD32L235 series have also been released. These include the GD32L235R-EVAL full-featured evaluation board and entry-level learning kits such as GD32L235O-START, GD32L235Q-START, and GD32L235E-START, providing users with convenient development and debugging experiences.

About GigaDevice

GigaDevice Semiconductor Inc. (SSE Stock Code 603986) is a leading global fabless supplier. The company was founded in April 2005 with branch offices in many countries and regions worldwide, providing local support at customers' fingertips. Committed to building a complete ecosystem with major product lines – Flash memory, MCU, sensor, and power as the core driving force, GigaDevice can provide a wide range of solutions and services in the fields of industrial, automotive, computing, consumer electronics, IoT, mobile, networking, and communications. GigaDevice management system has achieved ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications. Constantly looking to expand the technology offering to customers, GigaDevice has also formed multiple strategic alliances with leading foundries, assembly, and test plants to streamline supply chain management. For more details, please visit: www.gigadevice.com.

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