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GigaDevice Honored with Aspencore Awards for Its Continuous Innovation


Beijing, China, November 11, 2022 --- GigaDevice announced that its two leading products have won World Electronics Achievement Awards held by ASPENCORE, the world’s leading media group within the technical electronics sector. Specifically, the 1Gb SPI NAND Flash solution, part of the GD5F1GM7 series, for "Memory Product of the Year", and GD32F470 series of MCUs solution for the "Microcontroller/Interface of the Year".

ASPENCORE’s World Electronics Achievement Awards (WEAA) program recognizes and honors the companies along with their cutting-edge technologies, which have made outstanding contributions to innovations and developments within the electronics industry. By winning these two awards, GigaDevice has proved its industry leading capabilities in R&D, technological innovations, and production quality.


The GD5F1GM7 1Gb SPI NAND Flash used 24nm process, that can achieve up to 50K times of P/E, 10-year data retention time, along with a built-in 8bit ECC algorithm to monitor and correct data errors, all of which further enhances the reliability of the product. The series includes options for either a 3.3V or 1.8V power supply, with supports for 133MHz/104MHz clock frequencies and DTR. It is available in a small, WSON8 6x5mm package. The GD5F1GM7 1Gb SPI NAND Flash provides a combination of high capacity and cost effective solution for IoT, networking, security and surveillance, wearables, or other consumer products and applications.

The GD32F470 series of MCUs is the flagship of GigaDevice’s GD32 product family. It is based on the Arm Cortex-M4 core with up to 240MHz main frequency to support embedded applications with higher algorithmic complexity and faster real-time processing capabilities. The GD32F470 is designed with 512KB to 3072KB of on-chip Flash and 256KB to 768KB of SRAM, providing industry-leading advantages in high-capacity storage. By applying 40nm process in manufacturing, it reduces both dynamic and static power consumption, thus effectively extends the active time of battery-powered systems. Furthermore, the GD32F470 series inherits the multiple communication interfaces and enhanced security features of the GD32F4 series. It is also fully compatible with the existing GD32F4 series, which will allow developers to seamlessly upgrade their existing designs to support more diverse applications. Designed to meet the demand of the ever-changing market, the GD32F470 series can be utilized in wide variety of applications such as cloud computing, industrial control, motor frequency conversion, graphic displays, security and surveillance, sensor, drones, robotics, and the Internet of Things.


Innovation is the foundation of a successful business and the prime driving force for development. By winning the "World Electronics Achievement Awards" in consecutive years, GigaDevice has demonstrated its ability to continuously innovate in product development with cutting-edge breakthroughs. GigaDevice is determined to continue striving for high quality products and services to our customers across the globe.

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